Maybe because I’m not Angelina Jolie


Yea, Maybe because I’m not Angelina Jolie..

These couple weeks I had suffered really bad cough..the worst thing was, I even couldn’t sleep at night one day.. My stamina dropped a lot.. I lost some weight.. my condition were not getting better day by day..

My busy schedule kept me worked on. Even i never see the sun set at the horizon before an International event started, I really had a lot of things to be done. My cough was not dissapeared. The cold temperature in the venue hotel kept the virus well. I was really suffered a lot even if i’ve had had gone to the doctor twice to cure this cough. I’m starting having problem in speaking to others. Whenever i speak, i couldn’t avoid the very bad cough. My colleagues worried a lot. They advised me to go sleep earlier every night.. But I can’t…once again, so many works have to be done before sun rises… (its emergency on that time cause I’m the PIC).

On that time, i remember this quote…. a quote from Brad Pitt for his lovely wife Angelina Jolie

angelinaIf you know me well, I’m a person who are very rare in falling sick. I’m living so far from house where my family lives on. I know that being sick but you are thousand miles away from home is really sad. There is no Mother who check your temperature and patting your head affectionately.

That’s why I give my best to keep my body in a healthy condition. But when it comes to destiny, I can not do anything. Allah give me the sickness ( I do hope it could decrease my sins..) the only thing I can do is trying my all to cure the desease by my own self..

Maybe because I’m not Angelina Jolie who has Brad Pitt on her side and he has done so many things to make her lovely woman gets better… I’m not her.. so i fight it myself..

I just need a little understanding for the people near me that time and opportunity are the most precious things for me.. If I give you my time, just undestand that I give you my whole life. Living alone in this big Jakarta and has no one who give you attention when you get sick is pretty pity right? That’s why I do respect them, who are able to keep the promise they made for me.

I’m not showing you how busy I am, I just want you to know that I always give my precious time to you who has understanding that meeting me is something important to do so…

I’m glad that my condition has gone better day by day. Alhamdulillah…

Keep Fighting everyone!

Warmest Regards,

Dhienz UPS^^


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