Some Clear Signs Your Man is Worth Marrying :”)


#1 He Remembers the Little ThingsHe never forgets an anniversary. He reminds you of the memories from dates that happened ages ago. He cares, and he needs to be your hubby.

 #2 Love and Happiness. The gentlemen stereotype is still very much alive. This man has to think you walk on water in order to commit to him for life, otherwise there is likely heartbreak somewhere down the line when you are not so young anymore.

 #3 His Honesty is Worrysome. When it comes to your man, you would rather have to tell him TMI than to have to beat the littlest of answer out of him. Honesty really is the best policy.

 #4 He Knows Your Funny Bone. Life gets rough, it is not always peaches and cream. Having a partner with a keen sense of humor who is able to put smile on your face even through the tears should be locked down ASAP. :”)

#5 He Sees You as an Individual, Not Just Another Chick. Men sometimes have a tendency to see all the women the same, even the only one they have chosen as their girlfriend. It is only when they decide that this girl is different, she is special, that a man can settle down and become marriage material. He also likes to address you with “special nickname” that only given by him for you.

 #6 He Goes Public. A man who finds little, seemingly dumb reasons not to take the relationship public usually has something to hide, otherwise he just does not take you that seriously.

 #7 He Gives You Personal Space. A man who doesn’t let you out of of his sight, ever, can be summed up in one word: clingy. Stop cuffin’, man, it is not an attractive trait.

 #8 He Does Not Hide His Emotions. Pride is one of the most fatal flaws in a man, and pride will prevent an otherwise solid man from making the leap to a great man. Pride leads to secrets and dishonesty, be very aware

#9 He Can Make You Feel Like Nobody Else Does. A man who spits out the cliche lines that seem like they were copy and pasted from a Hallmark card is not marriage material. The man who knows what is special and unique about you, and is not afraid to voice his apprecciation, IS marriage material.

#10 He Goes Out of His Way for the Relationship. There are men who know how to make the decisions that will make the woman happy, but it is rare to find a man who values the stability of the relationship over all

*Adopt and Compile from many sources.

Warmest regards,

Dhienz UPS^^



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