Who is your first love?


Who is your first love..?

Whatta tittle, is this huh? I don’t know, like the previous post. Something in a glance showed up in my mind and made me suddenly-crazily thinking about that. Why in English? I don’t know why. It just ends up like this.

Emh, but some butterflies are really dancing in my stomach now. Maybe because I’m bringing up that topic.. hehe

Ah~ ya.. or because I’m watching “Reply 1994” recently so the time setting which is brough up 94’s era also made me thinking deeply about that past.

I was 9 years old that time. I joinned one of the most famous badminton club in my city. My father sent me there because he wanted her daughter has ability in “something” and badminton was the choice to get what he wanted.

On my second training. It was really early morning.About 05.15am on Sunday..I don’t know when it was exactly happened. My coach asked me to run around a big yard 8 times that made my throat choked. “What?! How can I do that? It’s really tiresome”, I screamed inside.

Then I started to run around that yard. Slowly.. Because I knew if I made it faster, I would had been run out of breath soon. I was quite slow compared to other friends of the same age with me. Yea, of course. They are trained well so far, and I was a newbie.

I run twice and they three or even four times. Some of them said hi and asked me to run faster.But not all of them. There was someone told me something differently.

He is taller than me about 10-15cm.  Wearing white uniform from our club. He slowed his run. Right beside me and Stared with his eyes kindly. He’s Smiled. I was choked (again). I saw two dimples “blossomed” from his cheecks. “Hi new comer. You don’t need to hurry. Today is just your 2nd exercise right?Don’t do it too much”, he said then passed me to continue running.

I was gawked. Wondered. He knew me as newbie. I didn’t have any choice and started to look more informations about who he is, where he is coming from, where he is studying etc. Day by day, during my first month in the club….I experienced a tacky love. Hehe 🙂 But I believe it is pure as a mountain water. White as milk.. Blue as the skies up there.. (blushing) kkk

Maybe that’s why I like (adoring) a man with dimples because of him.Ehm… Just call him Mr.L . I’m officially fell for him back then.. Maybe…just maybe.

Then what happened between us then? Hehe.. It is not good to share here guys.  In contrary, if u wanna share your first (tacky) love with me? I’m so honoured to hear yours here (in comment). See you then 🙂

Warnest Regards,

Dhienz UPS^^


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