When You Have a One-Sided Love . . .


One sided love..

1 sided luv

Is this a kinda hurtful feeling? some say “yes”, but I’ll say “No”.. To love someone without his/her notice that our feeling is bigger than what we / they have thought before would be so “untold” and “irreplaceable love, wouldn’t it?

We give our love without having a passion to have him/her as ours in the future. Without that “passion”?? ups.. sorry.. my mistake, of course we have that kinda “passion..passion to have him/her ..but,, the true love will always let “someone they love” goes to his/her happy life with or without us.


It is better to go for someone who loves you, rather than someone who you love. I’ve loved you in the minutes when all is almost gone from my sight and you were there to pray for my best luck in the last minutes..yes, you were there when I really need shoulders to cry on.. even before we’ve met officially and  I’ll always be the same!
The best way to love is to love like you have never been hurt. Do not give someone your heart, if they are not willing to take it in return.
I never thought love could be so magnificent until my friend see it in my eyes, telling me about that …and I promise I would never shed another tear.
Sometime like such a fool, I only can see you in my eyes…and
Why am I afraid to lose you when you’re not even mine..? Yea..because you are priceless for me…
So, I think it is important to know :
Don’t put your heart in someone’s hands until you’re sure that they know how to hold it.
Guys, just let it flows like the rain…goes down naturally and fades without notification….Ikhlas…we should have this “ikhlas” in our heart.. Only Allah would give you the best decision for your entire life..trust me.. 🙂
Warmest Greeting,
Dhienz UPS^^

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